Will and Estate Planning

Our Wills & Estates Lawyers are compassionate, understanding and caring

You know that will and estate planning is necessary in case something unwanted happens to you or your significant other. Perhaps you’ve seen this happen to someone you know and you would like to make sure your family is protected.

Having a properly constructed and up-to-date will ensures that it is you and not the government who decides where your assets go and what your wishes are for your young children. At JMS Law, our wills & estates lawyers put you and your family first and help you to avoid the difficulties of passing away without a will.

Your situation and your needs are unique – unlike anyone else. There is no one size fits all when it comes to Wills. We understand the emotions and feelings that are subject to making such critical decisions, we ask the right questions to make sure you have the right arrangement – one that covers your needs.

JMS Law offers you straight forward information from wills & estates lawyers who are compassionate, understanding and caring. When life changes – things can be confusing enough without talking to someone who uses complicated language. It’s important to understand what will happen when an event occurs that requires your Will.

Support for Executors

Have you been appointed as an executor? We take the stress and confusion out of an emotional and often complicated role. Let us help you with our simple checklist to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to do the best job you can.

Estate Planning

Do you want to create a safety net that will make a difference to your family’s future? We will turn legal jargon into a wills and estates plan that will create a soft landing for the people who mean the most to you.

Our estate planning lawyers have the knowledge and necessary experience, along with our caring & compassionate approach, to help you shelter and protect your loved ones’ future. We will find the solution you want – just for you.

Powers of Attorney

If an event ever occurs (accident, aging, mental health and other unforeseen events) that causes you to find yourself lying in a hospital bed or in a facility where you are unable to tell people how you feel or the treatment you want, who is going to give instructions? What if your family is divided and your fate is in the hands of someone you are not confident in?

The truth is that once an unexpected accident or event happens, there is very little you can do to control your own fate.

Let our Power of Attorney solve the problem of who decides what happens to you when you can’t. We help people pre-empt uncertainty and lower the risk of an unexpected future by confidentially putting your wishes in place.

Unless you have powers of attorney for your health and your finances in place, your fate is not in your hands. Sometimes it is in the hands of the Province of Ontario

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