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It is our mission at JMS Law to understand, assist, inspire and empower our clients when they are in transition; and collaborate with solution-focused strategies to help them achieve their goals. We offer efficient and stress-free real estate, wills and estates, family law and mediation services. We support the changes that our clients make to help them establish new lives, new neighbourhoods, or new beginnings.

Real Estate Law in Collingwood

Our Real Estate Lawyers will help you feel good about your deal, each step of the way. Buying and/or selling your home is a momentous occasion and we understand that it can also be a stressful, exhausting and confusing time in your life. At JMS Law, our goal is to alleviate the stress, confusion, worry and help you maintain the joy and excitement of your real estate transaction.

At JMS Law, we are a team of highly motivated, dedicated, deeply focused real estate lawyers, who approach every transaction with care, compassion and a human touch. We see the world from a place of service to others.

Family Law in Collingwood

Every family has a story, and each one is deserving of attention and non-judgement. There are many instances in life when it is completely understanding to seek help from family lawyers.

Having a family lawyer in Collingwood that is mindful, kind and knowledgeable when it comes to transformative mediation is important. We can help you achieve the best possible outcome in any situation. Whether you are buying a home, home refinancing, will and estate planning, or dealing with a separation Joanna Shaw and the family lawyer team at JMS Law are here for you.

Wills & Estates in Collingwood

Will and estate planning is necessary to keep your family protected if something undesirable happens to you or your significant other. You may have seen this type of situation happen to someone you know and you want to provide the protection your family needs in case a situation happens.

Getting a will properly, will make sure that the government does not decide where your assets go, but rather you get to decide what your wishes are. The wills & estates team at JMS Law puts you and your family first and provides assistance to prevent the difficult situation of passing away without a will.

Every will is unique to the person’s needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to will and estate planning. There are many emotions and feelings that may be present when it comes to these tough decisions. Our team will ask the proper questions to determine that you have the right setup that covers all your needs.

Mediation in Collingwood

Acknowledging many conflicts such as divorce and separation, may be some of the most challenging moments in a person’s life. JMS Law’s team of family mediation lawyers can supply you with the tools, knowledge, and expertise that can help reduce and diffuse these situations. If you are looking to become more self-reliant with a more independent life, we can help you plan your solution.

Divorce & Separation Lawyer

A divorce or separation may be a tough moment in a person’s life. It changes in ways that may not be understood. Many divorce lawyers claim that being a part of a separation is similar to a death in the family.

At JMS Law, we have experienced many cases that range from simple to complex. Our divorce and separation lawyers are here to help in any way we can. Our main focus is a collaborative divorce which can provide a resolution that can help you and your family going forward.

Transformative Parenting & Divorce

In 2018, Joanna M. Shaw and Suzie Lauer announced a great new opportunity for divorced or divorcing couples that will provide children protection from parental conflicts and will facilitate great, long-term relationships as “co-parents”. This is JMS Law’s Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program.

Joanna M. Shaw and Suzie Lauer are part of the licensed mediation team at JMS Law that will be leading the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program for parents in Collingwood and around Simcoe County. This nine week transformative parenting course contains discussions and activities that will help parents refocus their attention on their children, rather than on each other. Over nine weeks, divorced parents are supported to take the class at the same time.